High Ticket Coaching Lead Generation - 14X ROAS Case Study

High Ticket Coaching Lead Generation - 14X ROAS Case Study

When Errika first approached us she had already tried out three different agencies and found zero success using Facebook ads. She had grown a sizeable Facebook group and community organically and while she was doing well there she knew she should be leveraging the power of their ad platform. We were recommend as one the top Facebook ad agencies with over 5 years of experience and knew we could help her scale. Here’s how we did it. 

we've first took a deep dive into her organic approach and we've established what worked so far in her business. And we weren't surprised when we've found out she is closing messenger and Instagram chats at the highest rate. 

So instead of going the traditional way, of building funnels, testing and split testing we've decided to go for messenger conversations type of optimization for our ads. 

Using the rapid fire testing methodology we tested multiple audiences within English speaking countries to determine the best audiences to scale.

Using her previous client list we were also able to set up multiple lookalike audiences for testing.

After getting enough messenger conversations going, we were able to leverage those and started crating lookalike audiences from them as well. 

Finally we launched re-targeting ads for all those that had viewed any of her ads or interacted with her business pages in any way previously.

These results are from a one month period using a budget of $1,974

As you can see, we achieved 401 conversations at an average cost of $.492. We also achieved 30 total call bookings, 28 of which filled out our 2 page qualifying survey.

Our client has already managed to close 4 X $7,000 sales from these efforts giving her a nice 14X return on adspend.

Could your pipeline use a few more of these kinds of leads?