Direct response digital advertising


Tired of chasing new leads for your business? Good. Because there is a better way! 


Every business needs a pipeline of qualified leads to scale predictably. At Hero Leadz, we aim to make the entire process easier, faster, and less stressful using battled-tested frameworks and clear communication.


The system we use includes a set of proven strategies and tactics for today's digital economy.
Applied in over 40 different industries for dozens of clients.
From the smallest companies to the million-dollar businesses.
And I used this sales system to
✅ Help a newly opened home cleaning company to obliterate its competition locally, and in less than 12 months from the opening to expand in 4 new cities (now they have come to invest $ 4000 per month in advertising paying only $8 for customer acquisition).
✅ To obtain an ROI of + 5100% (of 51X the money invested in advertising) for a franchise that installs solar panels (they received so many leads that we had to stop their advertising every 3 days).
✅ Help a construction start-up fill its project capacity in all regions of the country (now they have expanded through a spin-off to the Canadian market).
✅ To dominate the entire local market with a beauty clinic, so that in less than 8 months from the opening it will open 3 more new locations, and now it will launch its own franchise.
✅ Help a supplement store sell so much (literally the entire stock in their fulfillment center) to the point they couldn't handle it anymore.
✅ Took a brand new high ticket coaching business into the stratosphere delivering a 15X ROAS from their first month in business.


Short and to the point! You guys saved my business. After several disastrous collaborations with various digital marketing agencies (some even well-known), a lot of wasted time and money, I recovered and scaled my business with your help.

October 28, 2020

Amanda Azzar 

Daniel deals with the marketing for the two companies I own. The most successful campaign we had together generated 51 times the money invested in advertising. I am very pleased with the collaboration. I feel lucky that they were recommended to me.

May 28, 2021

Andrei Ignatov 

Last year I set up my first business and I faced all kinds of challenges. Things were not going well. Then someone in a business group recommended Daniel. After the first month of working with Daniel, I had to hire two more people. Next month I added two more. Daniel, I am buried in work because of you.

January 30, 2022

Erika Williams

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